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Welcome to Pila Yoga, The home to Marlow’s #1 Hot Yoga and Reformer Pilates Studios. Our extensive timetable is brought to life across two state of the art studios by the hugely talented and hand-picked instructors.

With over 50 classes taught each week from energising Hot Yoga to the calming nature of Warm Nidra, there is something for every ability and mindset.

Whether you are looking to engage with your body; be at one with your mind; or enrich your spirit; Pila Yoga is the perfect place for you.

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Sunday Specials With Pila Yoga

For some, Yoga and Pilates is not just a form of exercise; it’s a lifestyle.

This is why we want to ensure that our PilaYoga community has the opportunity to constantly enhance their knowledge and expand their mindset with specialty classes run by our wealth of expert instructors.

We’re proud to host local and internationally-recognised yoga and meditation instructors to help deepen, inspire and develop your practice. These Sunday Specials are a fantastic way to enhance your skills, re-ignite your mantra or re-balance your mind.

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