The world-renowned Reformer Pilates apparatus utilizes pulleys & springs to give you a challenging strength & endurance workout, whilst supporting your body.

The Reformer can be adapted to suit everybody to improve muscle tone, posture, core strength, flexibility, balance & coordination.

The benefits of Reformer Pilates

1. A full body workout

The range of movements engage compound groups of muscles in the legs, arms and shoulders.

2. High intensity, low impact

The use of springs, pulleys and the carriage makes it a low impact fitness option which you can do multiple times a week without putting stress on your body.

3. Great for Athletes (and beginners)

This dynamic form of Pilates improves muscle endurance, promotes better co-ordination and balance – essential to giving you that competitive edge.

4. Increases muscle strength

You will lift, push and stretch; working deep into your muscles. The tough springs on the Reformer frame provide resistance as you perform Pilates movements.

5. Gives your brain a boost

With more challenging or focused movements, Reformer strengthens your mental muscles, keeping both your body and mind active as you improve their performance and efficiency.

6. Perfect for posture

Your muscles contract to keep you balanced throughout the movements, thus improving your stability and creating better posture and alignment.

7. Small classes

You’ll get much more attention from the instructor, guiding your technique and motivating you to stretch that little bit further.

8. Improves flexibility

Slowly transitioning between controlled movements engages and stretches your muscles as you try to maintain your balance. As your muscles strengthen and your posture improves, your flexibility will increase.

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