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Jessica Love

November 15, 2022

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April 22, 2021


July 17, 2020

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Sarah Stally

February 1, 2019

Sarah brings her vast experience, training, knowledge and passion to you all at the PilaYoga reformer studio.

Sarah has always danced! She has been academically and professionally trained in many dance styles over the years and also obtained qualifications in exercise to music and Pilates. From as long as she can remember it has always been apparent that ‘dance’ was Sarah’s preferred route into fitness.

As well as striving to maintain a healthy body, enjoying the type of exercise was evidently a key motivational factor to Sarahs active career and lifestyle. Training her body to be free, mobile and strong, to help facilitate her dance career. This is where her passion comes from to motivate others to remain active.

Sarah began studying Pilates 3 years ago, and wishes she had found it sooner! The Pilates reformer allows people of all fitness levels to develop their own range of movement, whilst strengthening global and local muscles in their own body with controlled movement.

This is why reformer Pilates training brings such an amazing physical benefit to everyone that tries it and also why Sarah finds this form of exercise is so rewarding to teach.

Sarah is ready and looking forward to meeting you in the PilaYoga studio soon! Her aim is to help connect your mind to your body and manage individual fitness goals. This will help develop your physical conditioning to become as strong, fit and mobile as you possibly can be.

Marion Herriott

February 1, 2019

Having been a massage therapist & lecturer for 25 years, I have worked on many bodies with different mobility issues, pain & discomfort, often caused by bad movement patterns & poor posture. I initially started mat pilates about 10 years ago to improve my own shoulder pain and to complement my running & yoga. I would share some of my pilates knowledge with my massage clients (as I’m an anatomy geek too!), who kept telling me to train as a Pilates teacher.

In 2016 I started using the Reformer a couple of times a week & was astounded by the new results I was seeing & feeling in just a few weeks. I loved my improved flexibility & muscle tone, but it was such fun doing the Reformer sessions too! Within just a few months of being introduced to the Reformer, I didn’t want to be without out in my life, & finally enrolled to become a Pilates Mat & Reformer teacher.

I trained intensely for 6 months & have taught about 20 classes a week ever since! I love the versatility of the Reformer machine ( I’ve counted 300+ different exercises we can do, so you never get bored!) & the fact that any body, any age or health issues can benefit hugely. I can’t wait to help you find your best body using the Reformer.


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