Having been a massage therapist & lecturer for 25 years, I have worked on many bodies with different mobility issues, pain & discomfort, often caused by bad movement patterns & poor posture. I initially started mat pilates about 10 years ago to improve my own shoulder pain and to complement my running & yoga. I would share some of my pilates knowledge with my massage clients (as I’m an anatomy geek too!), who kept telling me to train as a Pilates teacher.

In 2016 I started using the Reformer a couple of times a week & was astounded by the new results I was seeing & feeling in just a few weeks. I loved my improved flexibility & muscle tone, but it was such fun doing the Reformer sessions too! Within just a few months of being introduced to the Reformer, I didn’t want to be without out in my life, & finally enrolled to become a Pilates Mat & Reformer teacher.

I trained intensely for 6 months & have taught about 20 classes a week ever since! I love the versatility of the Reformer machine ( I’ve counted 300+ different exercises we can do, so you never get bored!) & the fact that any body, any age or health issues can benefit hugely. I can’t wait to help you find your best body using the Reformer.