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Warm MedYoga

July 28, 2023
Warm Hatha

Medicine-Yoga Is A Somatic Breathwork & Bodywork Practice Designed To Relieve Stress, Anxiety & Trauma Through Mindfulness, Vagus Nerve & Nervous System Regulation. A Warm Flow Class Suitable For Intermediate Level.

Pre/Post Natal

June 1, 2022

Pregnancy and the journey into motherhood is one of the most amazing, challenging and transformative times. Your body is going through a rollercoaster of hormones and physical changes to grow this tiny new life.

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful way for you to connect with your baby and other new mums, keep your body feeling strong and supple, and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for birth and motherhood.

Postnatal yoga helps you reconnect with your body, breath, core and pelvic floor. Take this time for yourself and share a blissful hour with other mums.

Pre/post-natal yoga is suitable from 12 weeks – birth and then from 6-10weeks postpartum depending on your birth. You don’t need to be newly postnatal to join – it is never too late to give your pelvic floor some love!

Viv will guide you through a slow flowing yoga practice, prepare to both strengthen and stretch your body whilst calming and quietening the mind.

There will be breathing techniques to use during birth, breathing techniques to help heal your pelvic floor and some just for total relaxation.

You will learn simple effective techniques to maintain your core during pregnancy and help reconnect with it postnatally.

Warm Flow

April 23, 2021
Warm Flow

Vinyasa Yoga classes are often called Flow, because of the smooth way the poses run together. In our Hot and Warm Flow expect to move, connecting each pose to the next using your breath. These classes offer a variety of postures, with no set sequence, making sure no two classes are ever alike. Pick your temperature warm or hot – but expect to sweat in both, and feel the benefits of an invigorating, dynamic and fun class with the heat allowing your muscles to lengthen so that you increase your flexibility, challenge your fitness, and build mental strength too.

Warm Forrest

July 17, 2020
Warm Forrest

Named after its founder, Ana Forrest, this is a challenging, grounding yoga style that will build both physical strength and greater awareness in the mind/body. Poses are often held for an extended period, with emphasis on abdominal core work, a long standing series and more playful advanced postures. Forrest also emphasises connection to the senses as a way to work through both physical and mental challenges – both on and off the mat.

Our Forrest classes are held in a warm – not hot – studio to allow you to increase your range of movement and stretch deeper into the poses.



February 8, 2019
Warm Rocket

A series of flowing dynamic postures based on the traditional Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga primary and intermediate series. The perfect marriage of tempo and sequence. These sequences are appropriate for all levels of students. With plenty of ways to modify the classical poses, the benefits of the poses are transmitted equally to renew vitality and energy.

This dynamic flow is called the “Rocket” because, “it gets you there faster.” The Rocket® is designed to wake up the nervous system and feed it the precious prana it craves while promoting a spirit of change and freedom in the practice.

Warm Hatha

November 21, 2018
Warm Hatha

One of the original branches of yoga. A slow paced gentle and uplifting practise.

Clear instructions for individual alignment and modifications will be offered, followed by a guided relaxation. You will leave calm, relaxed and mentally strong.

Our Hatha classes are held in a warm – not hot – studio to help melt away any stress and leave you feeling supple and energised.

Warm Restorative to Nidra

November 20, 2018
Warm Restorative

The intention of restorative yoga is to calm and reset your entire body and mind. An opportunity to stop and pause. Just a handful of poses are completed in the class, being held for extended periods to aid relaxation. These are all passive stretches so you will be completely supported by props.

The class concludes with a Yoga Nidra – a simple guided meditation that unwinds the nervous system and induces complete physical and mental relaxation with inner awareness. The warm room aids the feeling of cosiness and comfort to this deeply nourishing and restorative class.

Warm Yin Yang

November 20, 2018
Warm Yin

Yin Yang Yoga blends two styles of yoga into one practice – bringing together the benefits of passively holding yoga poses (yin) with more dynamic sequences and standing postures (yang).

The class often starts with the Yang practice and ends with longer held poses to relax and calm the nervous system. Our Yin Yang class is held in a warm environment to intensify the dynamic sequencing, and allow participants to use the heat to relax more deeply into the longer-held yin poses.


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