Ola discovered Yoga in late 2014.

After being overwhelmed with the amount of stress from her job she started to search for the way to slow down and calm her mind, soon enough she came across Yoga videos on YouTube and was hooked and quickly realised the benefits – increased flexibility, strength and a calmer mind.
In August 2015, her best friend got her a pack of classes at one of the yoga studios as a Birthday present and the rest is history.

Ola have been practicing various styles of yoga from Vinyasa, Jivamukti, Ashtanga, Yin, to Bikram and HIIT.

In 2016 she found her calling and completed the Spiralling Crow 200hr Vinyasa Yoga Teacher Training at YogaVenue and 300hr Inversion Based Vinyasa Training in Bali in 2018.  In between those two Ola completed Hot HIIT Yoga Flow Training, Hands on Assists Trainings with Mary Dana Abbott from Laughing Lotus NY and Sky Yoga (Aerial) Training in Bali.

After completing also Master Gong Training Ola started offering Sound Baths with her Gong, Singing Bowls and other percussion instruments. Ola believes that the vibrations of those instruments will put you into deep meditative state and bring absolute relaxation.

Ola has been teaching since 2016.

On the mat, Ola finds inspiration in flowing movement, smooth transitions and the fact that you discover Yoga everyday in a new way; she believes you can never step into the same asana in the same way. As a teacher, Ola loves exploring new adventures on the mat, making shapes, and finding gracefulness in the most challenging places. Expect playful and creative sequence with Hands On Assist, arm balances and inversions.