Pregnancy and the journey into motherhood is one of the most amazing, challenging and transformative times. Your body is going through a rollercoaster of hormones and physical changes to grow this tiny new life.

Pregnancy yoga is a wonderful way for you to connect with your baby and other new mums, keep your body feeling strong and supple, and prepare yourself mentally and emotionally for birth and motherhood.

Postnatal yoga helps you reconnect with your body, breath, core and pelvic floor. Take this time for yourself and share a blissful hour with other mums.

Pre/post-natal yoga is suitable from 12 weeks – birth and then from 6-10weeks postpartum depending on your birth. You don’t need to be newly postnatal to join – it is never too late to give your pelvic floor some love!

Viv will guide you through a slow flowing yoga practice, prepare to both strengthen and stretch your body whilst calming and quietening the mind.

There will be breathing techniques to use during birth, breathing techniques to help heal your pelvic floor and some just for total relaxation.

You will learn simple effective techniques to maintain your core during pregnancy and help reconnect with it postnatally.

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