Laura remembers leaving her first yoga class having noticed that for that one hour she wasn’t being completely controlled by rushing and racing thoughts. She left feeling calm, energised, excited and somewhat taller. She instantly fell in love with the practice and has continued to practice on an almost daily basis since. She realised she was learning forgiveness, patience, self love and acceptance with herself both on and off the mat.

She is motivated by the thought of helping, inspiring and serving other people in the same way and believes she has experienced some of the transformative and healing powers of yoga. This is what lead her to study for her 200 hour Sun Power Yoga training.

She wants to encourage people to step on the mat and to then keep returning to the practice to gain a sense of awareness and strength in both the mind and body.

She likes to practice and teach a variety of styles of yoga to keep it authentic, balanced, creative and most importantly, fun!