The dreaded results days are nearly upon us. This can be a very stressful time for the whole family: parents and children alike. Here at Pila Yoga we hope that your teenagers all get what they were crossing their fingers for, and that everyone can move seamlessly into the next phase – whatever that may look like. If not, if the letters and numbers don’t appear on that page exactly as they wanted, do remind them that that is all they are: just letters and numbers. Life is never a completely smooth ride of predictable perfection – and often it is the bumps and the obstacles that shape us in the best way, and create kinks in our journey that as adults we would easily claim as the highlights of youth. Love and courage to you all.

Finding ways to deal with emotional stress as a teenager can be difficult, too. Encourage them to talk openly with friends, to get some exercise, to seek advice from school and college professionals as this can all help them get perspective if results day isn’t as happy as they would have hoped. Yoga can greatly help reduce stress, and organising to attend a class or two together in the next few weeks at our tranquil Pila Yoga studio in Marlow will make an important difference in their ability to cope with what they are facing – not to mention help to promote much needed restful sleep.

All our instructors are welcoming and create an environment that will encourage – with any luck – a long-term relationship with yoga which will help your teenagers deal with the highs and lows that life is bound to throw at them. Book in for one of our Yoga Nidra classes on Tuesdays evenings for some much-needed rest and zen, or try out one of our relaxing Hatha classes, or even try a Vinyasa Flow class to move your body in an energising way to help process the stresses and strains of the day.

Yoga can help reduce stress for a multitude of reasons, one of which is because it provides an excellent opportunity to practise living in the moment – not allowing the “what if?” “what now?” “how will I?” questions to dominate the internal mental chatter. Yoga is a practice that helps build your ability to calm the mind: a much-needed tool; especially in stressful periods such as exam results time.

So, book them in with you to a class at Pila Yoga, our bespoke yoga and Pilates studio nestled into the heart of beautiful Marlow. It may also act as a much-needed bonding experience between you and your child before they move on to their next stage – be that college, University, or a move away from home. But most importantly, be gentle at this time of heightened emotion – especially to yourself. Perhaps you will want to book in a few extra sessions for you to enjoy alone, as well! You are always welcome.

Namaste yogis.