We are all affected by the stressful conditions of lockdown. We are certainly luckier than some, with safe homes to quarantine in and shops that are stocked with supplies, yet the feelings of stress that can emerge as we navigate this strange period of isolation are real and undeniable.

Yoga is an amazing tool to help ameliorate stress and help us tackle the lockdown blues. Yoga is not just a series of postures: a large part of yoga is the meditation and breathing techniques which have been proven time and again to help with range of symptoms of anxiety and depression.

The postures themselves are fantastic for improving strength and flexibility, and it is so important for your health to move your body; but it is the power of the mindfulness and meditative aspects of yoga that will be a real boost for everyone during this time of restricted movement and the pressure-cooker type stress which can occur in self-isolation.

Try Pila yoga from home

Ok, so yoga is definitely a good idea, and you know that it would benefit you in this time of lockdown, but how do you go about getting started? Don’t fret – you needn’t take to your mat unaided. Here at Pila Yoga, our fantastic, highly-rated instructors are delivering a wide range of classes each week from home via Zoom – safely distanced from everyone physically, yet reassuringly connected digitally. A Zoom yoga class works much as a “standard” class – the instructors can see you as well as you seeing them – and therefore they are able to offer helpful and supportive guidance as they lead you through the practice.

You will reap all the relaxing, calming benefits of a yoga class, with the added bonus of the convenience of practising from your own home.

What is on offer at Pila?

We know that nothing will quite match the experience of the studio classes, but we are providing a “next best thing” very much with you in mind – offering a variety of styles and times to suit your needs.

Free online trial

Please click here to fill out your details and we will send you a unique code and login details to give it a go. There’s no catch, this is a gift from PilaYoga to you!

Once you have tried it – and we are confident you will love it – from then on it’s so easy to book.

Simply download the Mindbody or Pilayoga app and click on the book icon for the class you want to do. You will receive a password before the start time which will allow you access for the duration of the class.

There is a great offer running currently of 30 days unlimited yoga for £30 – which gives you plenty of opportunity to try the different styles on offer at your convenience – and to begin to see the profound impact the practice can have on your ability to relax and unwind as you build your yoga muscles – both mental and physical.